Rhetoric vs reality: beware the gap

Not so strong. Not so stable. We wake up this morning to results from the UK’s general election that are a disaster for the sitting Prime Minister who ran a lacklustre campaign that saw her personal popularity begin to decline after only a few days. On the other side of the house, the results were… Continue reading Rhetoric vs reality: beware the gap

How can we help?

Like many, I’m still processing the horrors of the recent attacks in the UK, firstly in Manchester and over the weekend, again in London. I hate to use the phrase ‘the new normal’ for these times because it signals some level of acceptance that peace isn’t possible, and that attacks like this are to be… Continue reading How can we help?

Time is running out

Today is an important day in British democracy because it’s the last opportunity to register to vote in the forthcoming general election. We may be fed up already of the strong-and-stable or for-the-many-not-the-few mantras (other mantras are available). But whatever our political persuasion, we have the democratic right and responsibility to make our voice heard.… Continue reading Time is running out